Within the Union of Cleaners, he also worked with and for the Migrant Domestic Workers, a group of cleaners without contracts, working in the grey and black areas of the Dutch economy. One of the results of this particular collaboration is the black and white video NO WORK NO PAY! In this shadow play, the Domestic Workers perform as silhouettes, telling stories about their daily routines and fears. The video was part of the campaign for the regularization of domestic work in the Netherlands and against the criminalization of undocumented workers.
TAKE A RISK AND EXPLORE: THE VISUALISATION OF THE DUTCH CLEANERS' MOVEMENT is an article published in the magazine Yes&No, describes De Bruijne's collaboration with the Dutch Cleaners Union and also sketches a few other projects achieved with the workers of this movement.
Alongside this larger collaboration, De Bruijne has also created different projects in the city of Heerlen, in the south of the Netherlands. This town used to be the vital centre of the coal mining industry, but the last pits in the area were closed in the seventies, leaving many of its inhabitants without work and goals. One of the projects he made in this region was the film HET MUSEUM VAN DE STRAAT This short film, created with the inhabitants of De Oude Passart, is about the struggle waged in this shrinking city to preserve a working class neighbourhood and its culture.
In the last few years De Bruijne has been in Cuba for several projects. The last of these is the publication PALABRAS EN CAMBIO a booklet that relates articles of the 1992 Cuban Constitution with the testimonies of self-employed workers in an economy that is changing fundamentally. The booklet, originally written in Spanish, is a collaboration with Cecilia Vallejos and Taller Libertario Alfredo López and is intended to contribute to the discussion around the upcoming referendum about the new Cuban Constitution.
As part of the 2017/2018 fellowship trajectory at BAK (Basis voor Actuele Kunst), an exhibition surveying the breadth of De Bruijne's artistic practice and political collaborations has been presented. This exhibition, COMPROMISO POLÍTICO took place in Utrecht in 2018 and was complemented during the months by a series of screenings, talks and discussions.

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