EL HOLANDAMAN addresses issues of migration, integration, and xenophobia, specifically in what concerns hybrid models of new social groups like the Dutch Muslims in Argentina. This online project offers a poignant audio and visual tour through different individual testimonies questioning their consequent struggle to integrate in the society they live in.
MONUMENT VOOR DE INDONESIË-WEIGERAARS IN DE INDISCHE BUURT investigates the possibility of a monument for the Indonesië-objectors in Amsterdam. The Indonesië-objectors is a group of 6000 Dutch soldiers who refused to fight during the 'Police Actions', in he Indonesian War of Independence 1945/1949. This website contains Dutch spoken conversations with the neighbourhood residents and local leaders on the subject of creating a monument in this especially multicultural neighbourhood now a days. Besides of this website there was a prototype of a monument constructed at a public space in this neighbourhood.
THEIR CITY the process of establishing a network of people, the process of discovering the 'invisible' Lisbon of 2000. It contains stories about contact, places, expectation, overwhelming events, reflection, incomprehension, time, passing by, insignificance, reconsideration and invisibility. Stories about individual people and their city
MEDIUM FOR EXCHANGE a place for exchange, accessible from November 1999 till May 2000. The following was offered: a unique sound-CD with self-recorded sounds from Amsterdam, such as trams, poems, friends, drunkenness, but also the sound of silence of an Amsterdam night. There were 129 CD's, each one with a different recording. You could exchange these CD's for an object. An item with which you could tell me something about your surroundings
ANALYSIS OF UN UNKNOWN OBJECT begins with the image of a strange object which is evocative enough to spark the imagination and jostle the visitors’ frame of reference. As if he were trying to understand it himself, Matthijs de Bruijne lays the image open to the attention and sensibility of each visitor. This vaguely mysterious object serves, in fact, as pretext for interaction, and for emphasising individual imagination. Imbued with poetry and humour, it allows for different interpretations revealing parts of each participant’s universe.

for more information: info(add)bruijne.org